In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful. We would like to serve you forever, to honour this relationship we do place this policy of return.

Policy governs the order:

Once the order is placed by you it will be acknowledged by us. If the payment terms are advance, we shall reply at the sooner to inform you about the delivery details.
In case of Cash on Delivery basis order, we shall call you or send the SMs to confirm the order. You shall reply to confirm the order placed by the means of sms, email or call. Once the order is confirmed by you the desired goods shall be shipped. The confirmation from you delayed beyond 7 days will cause the cancellation of order of your desired goods.

Policy governs the return of goods.

  1. We shall strive to supply you the best goods, still if you are unsatisfied with the goods supplied you shall return them within 7 days from the date of delivery.

  2. Before the return of the goods you shall intimate us about your dissatisfaction and your desire to return the goods within 24 hours from the receipt of the goods.

  3. To serve you better again and immediately you shall mention the order number & invoice number. To locate the right goods on return you shall mention the reason for return the goods already delivered. You shall also send us the photo copies of original bills.

  4. The return intimation may contain the pictures if the goods are damaged or defective.

  5. The returnable goods shall be kept ready for reverse pickup to avoid return and replacement. The returnable goods shall also remain in same package, box, parcel etc., the tags and bar code shall be undamaged.

  6. We shall arrange for the free pick up of the goods returnable by you. In case your location is out of reach of the pickup service then you shall arrange to return the goods. We will credit Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred to your account) which shall valid for 6 months.

  7. If the goods are returned because the customer dislikes the goods, in this case the cost of goods return shall be borne by customer.

  8. Once we receive the goods, the goods will be checked and tested for quality and other conditions. We will endeavor to replace the goods at the earliest possible time which may not exceed 25 working days.

  9. In case the desired goods are not available, we shall issue a credit note for the basic value of the goods that is exclusive of delivery charges and will be recorded in your account. The same shall be valid for 6 months. Since the day of credit and till the expiry of the said 6 months you can buy any other desired product from the same range of price or value of goods. The original order delivery cost will be deducted and the balance amount shall be credited to your account. This entire process of return benefit shall exclude the cash refund.

Exceptions to the return policy:

  1. Goods return after 7 days from delivery.

  2. Goods purchased under special offers, coupons etc., such goods are excluded from the return policy.

  3. If the goods are delivered in damaged or defective condition then it shall be returned by the customer/purchaser within 48 hours.

  4. The undesired or damaged or defective goods returned without all accessories, price tag, labels and original packing are excluded from the return policy.

  5. Damage or defect caused due to human error while handling goods are excluded from the return policy.

  6. In case of customized goods order, you desire will be well taken care. Only the damage or defect will cause to return these goods. Refund or credit is excluded from the return policy in case of customized goods order.